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  • Consulting about WEB projects any levels including the Enterprise.
  • Site audit - usability, seo optimization.
  • Design and interface development.
  • Corporate identity development.
  • Print design.
  • Design and programming of web sites and apps with PHP and Java.
  • Pre-deployment audition.
  • Support of web sites any level.
  • Contextual advertising and SEO.

Welcome to the official website of United Pro Design Group.
Today, corporate site is not a luxury, it is a necessity for any businesses. Needless to mention it is the "face" of the company.
UPDG is a group of creative professionals, developing internet projects of all kind. Since 2006, we bring to life innovative ideas in graphic design and web application, using new technologies and our own developments.
We are ready to help you with all your needs in design and functionalities of any sites, and to offer you the best solution.